Question: Is Showcase The Same As Showtime?

What’s on Showtime Showcase now?

Showtime Showcase HDSecret Window.

Airing: 9:45am ET.


Airing: 11:30am ET.

Movie.Trespass Against Us.

Airing: 1:15pm ET.

Movie.The Big Hit.


Airing: 4:35pm ET.

Movie.Cold Comes the Night.

Airing: 6:15pm ET.

Movie.Secret Window.

Airing: 7:45pm ET.


Airing: 9:30pm ET.

Movie.More items….

What channels are on Showtime?

What channel is Showtime HD on?AT&T U-verse HD. Showtime – Channel(s) 1852 – 1866.Charter Spectrum HD. Showtime – Channel(s) 560 – 582.Comcast XFINITY TV HD. Showtime – Channel(s) 339 – 350.Cox Communication HD. Showtime – Channel(s) 1240 – 1243.DirecTV HD. Showtime – Channel(s) 545 – 552.DISH Network HD. … Time Warner / Spectrum HD. … Verizon FiOS HD.

What’s the cheapest way to get Showtime?

If you don’t want cable, the cheapest way to get SHOWTIME is by subscribing to Paramount+ for $5.99 a month (in addition to the Paramount+ sub at $5.99 or $9.99 a month). Subscribing directly to SHOWTIME streaming is also cheap at $10.99 a month.

What’s on Showtime 2 right now?

Dark Waters (2019)6:10 AM. Pretty in Pink (1986)7:50 AM. Grandma (2015)9:10 AM. The Children Act (2017)10:55 AM. Inescapable (2012)12:30 PM. No Country for Old Men (2007)2:35 PM. Made in Italy (2020)4:15 PM. Kiss the Girls (1997)More items…

How do I add Amazon Showtime to my Amazon Prime account?In Prime Video on your device, go to the category called “Channels”Simply add Showtime in the Prime Video Channels area.

How can I watch Showtime for free?

On your Android TV or Android mobile device:Download the SHOWTIME app from the Google Play store.Launch SHOWTIME and follow the on-screen instructions to start a free trial and create your SHOWTIME account.

What should I watch on Showtime 2020?

Dexter. One of the first major Showtime TV shows is still among its best. … Episodes. Another one of the best shows on Showtime is this very meta look at the making of a TV show. … Homeland. Another one of the great Showtime shows is Homeland. … Ray Donovan. Credit: Showtime. … Shameless. … Twin Peaks: The Return. … Billions. … The Affair.More items…•Feb 1, 2021

Does Showtime have good movies?

Showtime boasts one of the largest offerings of streaming movies of any premium cable channel with more than 500 movies available on demand. The channel not only has a massive library of films, but has a ton of exclusive movies that you just won’t find anywhere else.

What movies are playing on HBO Max?

Max Original MoviesA West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote.Rose Matafeo: Horndog.Sesame Street Elmo’s Playdate: Scavenger Hunt.The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion.Colin Quinn & Friends: A Parking Lot Comedy Show.There Is No “I” in Threesome.An American Pickle.Homeschool Musical: Class of 2020.More items…

What is Showtime Showcase?

This simple schedule provides the showtime of upcoming and past programs playing on the network Showtime Showcase otherwise known as SHOCSE. The show schedule is provided for up to 3 weeks out and you can view up to 2 weeks of show play history.

Is the movie channel part of Showtime?

Showtime Networks Inc. (SNI), a wholly owned subsidiary of ViacomCBS, owns and operates the premium television networks SHOWTIME®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL™ and FLIX®, and also offers SHOWTIME ON DEMAND®, THE MOVIE CHANNEL™ ON DEMAND and FLIX ON DEMAND®, and the network’s authentication service SHOWTIME ANYTIME®.

Is Showtime free for 30 days?

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Showtime and get unlimited access to the network’s original series, movies, and more. You can access the content through Showtime’s website or its mobile app.

Is Showtime on Hulu worth it?

Hulu plus Showtime is the perfect way to add extra movies, of course, but the real advantage is adding the series. We’ve dug deep into the service: It’s definitely worth any cord-cutter’s consideration. Here are some of the best series you’ll get when you add Showtime to your Hulu.

Is HBO and Showtime free with Amazon Prime?

Prime Video Channels lets you add extra streaming networks to your Prime Video membership. Channels like HBO, Starz, and Showtime range in price from $9 to $15 a month. You can browse all the add-on channels available through Prime Video here.

Who owns Showtime?

CBS CorporationSHOWTIME/Parent organizations

What happened to Showtime Beyond?

Launched in September 1999, it was formerly known as Showtime Beyond and featured a mix of science fiction, fantasy and horror films, as well as made-for-cable science fiction series produced for Showtime. It was discontinued on July 15, 2020 and replaced with SHO×BET.

Can you make profiles on Showtime?

If your TV provider supports multiple users per household, SHOWTIME Anytime will allow up to 5 members of a household to register separately. … Generally, the primary account holder is the person who receives the bill for your TV Provider or digital streaming services.

Are there commercials on Showtime?

(Don’t worry; Showtime’s programming doesn’t have any commercials, unlike most other Hulu content.) … There’s just one catch: To watch Showtime’s channel in real time, you must use on a desktop browser, as none of Hulu’s native apps support live video.

How much is HBO Max a month?

HBO Max is $15 a month.

Is Showtime free with Amazon Prime?

SHOWTIME Anytime is available at no additional cost as a part of a SHOWTIME subscription through participating TV providers and through some digital streaming services such as Amazon Prime or Hulu. … Click here to learn more about how to subscribe to the SHOWTIME streaming service.

Is Showtime worth the money?

In an ever-growing streaming market, SHOWTIME is well worth it for viewers who are keen to get first access to its original content. It is also a nice add-on for people who have already subscribed to another streaming service, even if only for one month to mix up their viewing options.