Question: What Is Showing On Showtime 2 Right Now?

Is there anything good on Showtime?

Showtime boasts one of the largest offerings of streaming movies of any premium cable channel with more than 500 movies available on demand.

The channel not only has a massive library of films, but has a ton of exclusive movies that you just won’t find anywhere else..

What is showing on Showtime?

Shameless.Vice.City on a Hill.Your Honor.Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine.Couples Therapy.The Circus.Black Monday.

Is Showtime free right now?

All services offer a seven-day free trial of Showtime, except for Roku that allows you to try it out at no cost for a whole month. The price is the same across the board—$10.99/month.

Who owns Showtime?

CBS CorporationSHOWTIME/Parent organizations

What is on Epix today?

EPIX (East)TimeTV Show4:20 pmThe Brothers McMullen6:00 pmCondor Trapped in History – Season 1 Episode 47:00 pmPennyworth The Hangman’s Noose – Season 2 Episode 88:00 pmDead Poets Society12 more rows

What is on Showtime West right now?

Showtime (West)TimeTV Show3:00 pmNo Country for Old Men5:15 pmThe Gentlemen7:10 pmTop Gun9:00 pmCity on a Hill Bill Russell’s Bedsheets – Season 2 Episode 110 more rows

What time is Homeland on Showtime tonight?

9 p.m.The Homeland series finale starts soon, at 9 p.m. Eastern today (April 26) on Showtime.

How long is Showtime free?

30 daysFree for 30 days and then only $10.99/mo.

Whats on Showtime 2 right now?

5:35 AM. The Best of Enemies (2019)Hollywoodland (2006)10:15 AM. The Babe (1992)12:15 PM. Rudy (1993)2:15 PM. Gridiron Gang (2006)4:30 PM. Sudden Death (1995)The Words (2012)8:15 PM. Limitless (2011)More items…

What’s showing on Showtime tonight?

Showtime (East)TimeTV Show2:45 pmTommy Boy4:30 pmGone Baby Gone6:30 pmCold Comes the Night8:00 pmYour Honor Part Eight – Season 1 Episode 813 more rows

Is Showtime free with Amazon Prime?

SHOWTIME Anytime is available at no additional cost as a part of a SHOWTIME subscription through participating TV providers and through some digital streaming services such as Amazon Prime or Hulu. … Click here to learn more about how to subscribe to the SHOWTIME streaming service.

What’s on Showtime Showcase right now?

5:15 AM. Enduring Love (2004)6:55 AM. A Girl from Mogadishu (2019)8:50 AM. Summerland (2020)Forsaken (2015)Resistance (2020)2:15 PM. Green Room (2015)The Rental (2020)5:30 PM. Collide (2016)More items…

What is the cheapest way to get Showtime?

If you don’t want cable, the cheapest way to get SHOWTIME is by subscribing to Paramount+ for $5.99 a month (in addition to the Paramount+ sub at $5.99 or $9.99 a month). Subscribing directly to SHOWTIME streaming is also cheap at $10.99 a month.

How do I get Showtime on my TV?

To access SHOWTIME Anytime on your streaming device or Smart TV you need a SHOWTIME subscription from a participating TV provider or streaming service, along with a high-speed internet connection. Navigate to any program and select ‘Play’ or select ‘Activate’ from the Settings menu.

What does last chance mean on Showtime?

SHOWTIME will automatically delete programs from ‘My List’ once they expire. To keep you informed, we will always post ‘Last Chance!’ on titles that are set to expire within 7 days.

Is Showtime free on Hulu right now?

Watch Showtime TV Shows and Movies On Demand Online | Hulu. Enjoy SHOWTIME on Hulu free for one month, then pay just $10.99/month. Choose your Hulu base plan starting at $5.99/month, then add SHOWTIME on Hulu to watch addictive series, hit movies, comedy specials, documentaries, and more.

How can I watch Showtime for free?

On your Android TV or Android mobile device:Download the SHOWTIME app from the Google Play store.Launch SHOWTIME and follow the on-screen instructions to start a free trial and create your SHOWTIME account.

Is Showtime worth the money?

In an ever-growing streaming market, SHOWTIME is well worth it for viewers who are keen to get first access to its original content. It is also a nice add-on for people who have already subscribed to another streaming service, even if only for one month to mix up their viewing options.

Can I get Showtime on Netflix?

Does Netflix have Showtime shows? Netflix does have a number of Showtime shows on its service, including the original Penny Dreadful, Dexter, and Shameless. It also has a great Showtime show, the adult sitcom Weeds, that is not currently available via the Showtime service.

What channel number is Showtime on?

Showtime (TV network)ProgrammingSatelliteDirecTV545–552 (HD/SD) 1545 (VOD) (Showcase, Showtime Next, and Showtime Family Zone in HD only)Dish Network318–324 (HD/SD) (Showtime Extreme and Showcase in SD only, Showtime Family Zone in HD)IPTV36 more rows