Question: What’S Playing On Showtime This Month?

What new movies are playing on Showtime?

The 30 Best Movies on Showtime (March 2021)1917.

Year: 2019.

Director: Sam Mendes.

First Reformed.

Year: 2018.

Director: Paul Schrader.

Green Room.

Year: 2015.

Director: Jeremy Saulnier.

Do the Right Thing.

Year: 1989.

Director: Spike Lee.

First Cow.

Year: 2020.


Year: 2019.

Dark Waters.

Year: 2019.

The Fits.

Year: 2016.More items….

What is on Showtime TV tonight?

Showtime (East)TimeTV Show6:15 pmAir Force One8:20 pm21 Bridges10:00 pmCity on a Hill Bill Russell’s Bedsheets – Season 2 Episode 111:00 pmShameless DNR – Season 11 Episode 1010 more rows

Is Showtime 2020 worth it?

In an ever-growing streaming market, SHOWTIME is well worth it for viewers who are keen to get first access to its original content. It is also a nice add-on for people who have already subscribed to another streaming service, even if only for one month to mix up their viewing options.

What’s new on Showtime in May?

Showtime’s New Releases Coming in May 2020 Artificial Intelligence, Almost Famous, the Back to the Future trilogy, The Big Chill, Bull Durham, Chicago, both volumes of Kill Bill, Mean Girls, My Best Friend’s Wedding, An Officer and a Gentleman, Rocky, Seven, She’s All That, Something’s Gotta Give, St.

Whats coming to Showtime May 2020?

Here’s the complete list of what’s coming to Showtime in May 2020.Available May 1: 4:44: Last Day On Earth. … Available May 2: Apollo 18. … Available May 5: Zero Days.Available May 10: Speed of Life.Available May 13:Ophelia.Available May 15: Basketball County: In The Water.Available May 16: Atonement.More items…•May 1, 2020

Is Showtime free with Amazon Prime?

SHOWTIME Anytime is available at no additional cost as a part of a SHOWTIME subscription through participating TV providers and through some digital streaming services such as Amazon Prime or Hulu. … Click here to learn more about how to subscribe to the SHOWTIME streaming service.

What is on Epix today?

EPIX (East)TimeTV Show4:20 pmThe Brothers McMullen6:00 pmCondor Trapped in History – Season 1 Episode 47:00 pmPennyworth The Hangman’s Noose – Season 2 Episode 88:00 pmDead Poets Society12 more rows

Where can I watch Showtime for free?

Showtime Anytime is free and available to anyone with a Showtime subscription through a participating TV provider. Users can simply log in and start watching via the Showtime Anytime app or online. To stream Showtime you don’t need a TV subscription. It’s a completely stand-alone service that costs $10.99 per month.

Is Showtime free for 30 days?

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Showtime and get unlimited access to the network’s original series, movies, and more. You can access the content through Showtime’s website or its mobile app.

What should I watch on Showtime 2020?

Dexter. One of the first major Showtime TV shows is still among its best. … Episodes. Another one of the best shows on Showtime is this very meta look at the making of a TV show. … Homeland. Another one of the great Showtime shows is Homeland. … Ray Donovan. Credit: Showtime. … Shameless. … Twin Peaks: The Return. … Billions. … The Affair.More items…•Feb 1, 2021

What shows are on Showtime November 2020?

NEW MOVIES:Available 11/1: DON’T KNOCK TWICE. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. … Available 11/5: WHAT ABOUT BOB?Available 11/8: 11:55.Available 11/11: BRIMSTONE.Available 11/12: BATTLE SCARS.Available 11/18: THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE.Available 11/3: LAVELL CRAWFORD: HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.Available 11/17: TIM & FAITH: SOUL2SOUL.Oct 26, 2017

What is on Showtime 2 right now?

Dark Waters (2019)6:10 AM. Pretty in Pink (1986)7:50 AM. Grandma (2015)9:10 AM. The Children Act (2017)10:55 AM. Inescapable (2012)12:30 PM. No Country for Old Men (2007)2:35 PM. Made in Italy (2020)4:15 PM. Kiss the Girls (1997)More items…

Is Showtime a TV channel?

The premium television network surfaced in 1976 and since then has not wavered from the stature it has acquired over the years. … The network now sits with availability to 29.7 million U.S. households along with a wide range of multiplex channels and a subscription-based service known as SHOWTIME On Demand.

What time is Homeland on Showtime tonight?

9 p.m.The Homeland series finale starts soon, at 9 p.m. Eastern today (April 26) on Showtime.

What channel is Showtime on cable?

Showtime (TV network)ProgrammingDirecTV545–552 (HD/SD) 1545 (VOD) (Showcase, Showtime Next, and Showtime Family Zone in HD only)Dish Network318–324 (HD/SD) (Showtime Extreme and Showcase in SD only, Showtime Family Zone in HD)IPTVVerizon FiOS865–874 (HD) 365–380 (SD)36 more rows

How do I cancel my Showtime free trial?

To cancel your subscription:Go to on your computer or a mobile web browser and sign in.Use the profile icon in the upper right corner to navigate to Account Settings > Your Subscription.Select ‘Cancel Your Subscription’ and follow the instructions.

Who owns Showtime?

CBS CorporationSHOWTIME/Parent organizations

How can I watch Showtime?

On your Android TV or Android mobile device:Download the SHOWTIME app from the Google Play store.Launch SHOWTIME and follow the on-screen instructions to start a free trial and create your SHOWTIME account.

What all is on Showtime?

Never Goin’ Back.Hustlers.The Adderall Diaries.The Iron Lady.Charlie Says.Paradise Hills.First Cow.Sword of Trust.More items…

What are the best Showtime original series?

Here are the Top 25 Showtime Original Series, Ranked:1 Homeland. While it has been one of Showtime’s most awards-friendly shows, Homeland takes our top spot for its ability to continually recreate itself.2 Shameless. … 3 Dexter. … 4 The Affair. … 5 Weeds. … 6 Penny Dreadful. … 7 Nurse Jackie. … 8 The Tudors. … More items…•Jul 20, 2016

How much is showtime a month?

The SHOWTIME streaming service is something anyone can subscribe to for $10.99 per month. SHOWTIME Anytime, on the other hand, is an app that cable, satellite, and livestreaming subscribers can use to stream SHOWTIME for free at home or on the go.